things i dig - spring 2009

here are some things that i have been digging for spring 2009:
  • overalls/suspenders/jumpers/rompers/whatever they are called

    inspired by SNSD's pink overalls [on the far left] from their music video "gee."
  • oversized black-framed glasses [everybody and their mother seems to have a pair now though]

    the first real encounter i had with this style of glasses was during spring break this year.  i went to my friend eugene's house with rena and we had a ball having an impromptu photoshoot.  we donned big bows and these glasses, and that's when my love affair started.  also, note: i am wearing "formal overalls" [as my friend likes to call them] in this picture.
  • belts

    inspiration:  Kaylyn M. from lookbook.nu.  this year, i have discovered how helpful belts can be -- sprucing up a normally bland outfit, helping to make a shirt that's ten sizes too big or long and boring much more formfitting, and most of all, helping to make your curves stand out!
  • peacocks/peacock feathers

    i have always liked peacocks.  i don't know why.  maybe because they are such a pretty color, with their feathers and all.  they exude a feeling of power, beauty, etc.  as a result, i pretty much love anything with designs of peacocks or their plummage.  [this picture was taken while i was in china in 2007 in this bird garden type deal where there were tons of peacocks/birds in general everywhere and we could get really close to them.  'twas amazing.]
  • nailpolish

    inspiration: one of my friends was always painting her nails wacky colors, plus there was a neon nailpolish spread in teenvogue.
  • white leggings/tights

    inspiration: The clothes horse R. from lookbook.nu.
  • two-tone color-block dresses

    first saw this dress when i stepped into agaci too with my mother on good friday.  been in love ever since.
  • rings

    my friend was on the website http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/, which is really cool btw, and she started to show me rings that i could wear with my prom dress.  after that, i started to really want some fancy rings.

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