i'm sure you've all seen this web phenom by now, seeing as it's everywhere, but one more time can't hurt.  here's a link to the youtube vid -- i wanted to embed it but embedding was disabled.

my mom showed it to me after dinner and ... well, it really touched me.  isn't it outrageous how EVERYONE, every single person in that auditorium, judged her when they saw her?  she told them that she wanted to be a famous singer and everyone rolled their eyes with disgusted looks on their faces, already formulating judgments just because she wasn't the prettiest person in the world.  and then when she opened her mouth and let her voice shine through, a 180-degree change came over the audience.  it's crazy how human nature works.  we're evil/mean at heart.  what if she wasn't talented?  we would just go on, continuing to judge her without even giving her a chance at love.  it's sad, really.

aside from that, my day is really sucky and will continue to suck as i have a ton of homework to do.  boo school.

this is the outfit i wanted to wear to school but it was a little too chilly [in april, in TEXAS... something is wrong with the weather], so instead of daisy dukes, i opted for some wide-legged jeans.

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