missing in action

i have been M.I.A. for the past few days so i will just blame school, even though i'm not really doing anything productive for school either.  i don't know where all my time goes.

i just wanted to share my outfit from today.  i got several compliments on it, so i guess it was a success, even though i put it together in maybe five minutes because i was running late for school [overslept again...].

[i apologize for the fact that i always look slightly angry in my pictures.  i don't mean to.  i guess it's natural... which is rather unfortunate.]

also, the other night, i cut up a t-shirt and tied knots down it.  i know, it's kind of cliche, overdone, whatever.  but what else am i supposed to do with a size-large t-shirt?

tata for now.



meg and dia.

one of my favorite bands.  they have a new CD out today, "here, here, and here."  they previewed it on their myspace a few days ago and it was amazing.  i have been waiting for their new CD for 3 years... so yeah.  not a disappointment.

the other day, they followed me on twitter.  one of the most exciting moments of me life, not going to lie.  i seriously respect them.  their music, their lyrics, their writings, their blogs -- all amazing.  they're pretty -- i'm jealous.  ... obviously some envy is floating around in the air here.  or maybe just another humongo girlcrush.  hm...

anyways, i dig them and their new album.  good stuff.  buy the CD and support them.


healing power

my friend recently told me some bad news about my 10th grade english teacher.  "she's in the hospital for a cyst in her ovaries so she can't ever have babies of her own.  ... dude, that's so terrible.  she's so young too."  obviously shocking news and very saddening.  she had been one of my favorite teachers last year, maybe even one of my favorite teachers EVER.  so the first thing i thought of to do was to make her a mix CD.  last year, my friends started a music appreciation club because they would hang around her classroom and play music and share CDs.  i started to make her CDs periodically too.  she enjoyed them immensely.  so naturally, the best present i could think of was a CD.  i made it this morning and sent it off with one of my friends who has her as a teacher this year to deliver to her, along with my best wishes.

here is the tracklisting:

  1. Jem - Down To Earth
  2. Of Montreal - Oslo In The Summertime
  3. Socratic - Too Late, Too Soon
  4. Imogen Heap - Sleep
  5. Mates Of State - Get Better
  6. Lenka - Anything I'm Not
  7. The Afters - Ocean Wide
  8. AJ Rafael - I Just Want You
  9. Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful
  10. Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow
  11. Bat For Lashes - Two Planets
  12. As Tall As Lions - Milk & Honey
  13. We Shot The Moon - Hope
  14. Deas Vail - Shoreline
  15. A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
  16. Jason Mraz - Lucky (Ft. Colbie Callait)
  17. Plain White T's - 1, 2, 3, 4
  18. Psapp - Part Like Waves
  19. Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love

fittingly, i titled this album "planets dancing," just like my blog name.

[i think i need to explain why i couldn't've just given it to her myself directly.  my city split a four year high school into a 2-year high school and a 2-year senior high.  since i am a junior, i am in a senior high right now, and my teacher is still at my old high school.  that's why i couldn't give it to her myself.]

things i dig - spring 2009

here are some things that i have been digging for spring 2009:
  • overalls/suspenders/jumpers/rompers/whatever they are called

    inspired by SNSD's pink overalls [on the far left] from their music video "gee."
  • oversized black-framed glasses [everybody and their mother seems to have a pair now though]

    the first real encounter i had with this style of glasses was during spring break this year.  i went to my friend eugene's house with rena and we had a ball having an impromptu photoshoot.  we donned big bows and these glasses, and that's when my love affair started.  also, note: i am wearing "formal overalls" [as my friend likes to call them] in this picture.
  • belts

    inspiration:  Kaylyn M. from lookbook.nu.  this year, i have discovered how helpful belts can be -- sprucing up a normally bland outfit, helping to make a shirt that's ten sizes too big or long and boring much more formfitting, and most of all, helping to make your curves stand out!
  • peacocks/peacock feathers

    i have always liked peacocks.  i don't know why.  maybe because they are such a pretty color, with their feathers and all.  they exude a feeling of power, beauty, etc.  as a result, i pretty much love anything with designs of peacocks or their plummage.  [this picture was taken while i was in china in 2007 in this bird garden type deal where there were tons of peacocks/birds in general everywhere and we could get really close to them.  'twas amazing.]
  • nailpolish

    inspiration: one of my friends was always painting her nails wacky colors, plus there was a neon nailpolish spread in teenvogue.
  • white leggings/tights

    inspiration: The clothes horse R. from lookbook.nu.
  • two-tone color-block dresses

    first saw this dress when i stepped into agaci too with my mother on good friday.  been in love ever since.
  • rings

    my friend was on the website http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/, which is really cool btw, and she started to show me rings that i could wear with my prom dress.  after that, i started to really want some fancy rings.


this was among my recommended videos on youtube, and boy am i glad i decided to look at it.  crazy talent.



i'm sure you've all seen this web phenom by now, seeing as it's everywhere, but one more time can't hurt.  here's a link to the youtube vid -- i wanted to embed it but embedding was disabled.

my mom showed it to me after dinner and ... well, it really touched me.  isn't it outrageous how EVERYONE, every single person in that auditorium, judged her when they saw her?  she told them that she wanted to be a famous singer and everyone rolled their eyes with disgusted looks on their faces, already formulating judgments just because she wasn't the prettiest person in the world.  and then when she opened her mouth and let her voice shine through, a 180-degree change came over the audience.  it's crazy how human nature works.  we're evil/mean at heart.  what if she wasn't talented?  we would just go on, continuing to judge her without even giving her a chance at love.  it's sad, really.

aside from that, my day is really sucky and will continue to suck as i have a ton of homework to do.  boo school.

this is the outfit i wanted to wear to school but it was a little too chilly [in april, in TEXAS... something is wrong with the weather], so instead of daisy dukes, i opted for some wide-legged jeans.


hello world (:

in elementary school, my friend introduced me to my first blogging experience, and it was on blogger/blogspot.  seven years later, i am returning.  i have dabbled in xanga, livejournal, even my own website.  we'll see how this goes.  [i still blog on my xanga and livejournal.  this blog is to serve a different purpose.  i think.]

with this blog, i hope to just post things that i like, outfits that i am proud of, endeavors in fashion and photography, and more.  it's a place for release, basically.

seeing as how it's four AM, i guess i should finish up my homework and head to bed.  till later, blogworld.